Sentinel Air System detects cigarette smoke, alerts your team via email or text and logs the event.

Sentinel Air System is also packed with valuable sensors that provide unparalleled insight into indoor air quality levels and energy savings opportunities with real time temperature, relative humidity, CO2, VOC, odor, PM 1.0, 2.5, 10 and optional sound and optional light levels. Our system will ensure that your guests room is optimized for maximum comfort.

Solves Cigarette Issues

• Deter smokers.
• Save time & cleaning costs.
• Catch smoking in the act to limit damage and/or enforce smoking fee policies.

Energy & Cost Savings

• Track light, temperature & humidity levels to reduce unnecessary power consumption.

Optimized Environments

• Optimize occupant comfort.
• Keep your rooms odor free.
• Understand your CO2 levels for occupant health.

Positive PR & Social Media

• Show proactive IAQ effort
• Inform guests with in-room cards
• Share positive efforts with media

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How Sentinel Air Systems Works

The system's sensors are continually sends data to your online analytics, alerts and reporting platform.

Intelligent software for making decisions

The Software

A power wireless monitoring system that provides online alerts
and analytics from any computer 24/7 worldwide!

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Wireless hardware that is easy to install

The Hardware

Just plug-in and start making decisions to save you time and
money at all of your facilities.

• WIFI enabled
• Wall or ceiling mounted
• Particulate sensor
• Temperature / Humidity sensor
• CO2 Carbon Dioxide sensor
• TVOC Total Volatile Organic Compounds sensor
• Optional: Lumens (light) sensor and dB (sound) sensor
• 2 yr lifespan

Our solution is perfect for any facility with cigarette smoke issues,
indoor air problems, or just looking to save money.

The IAQ solution that saves money

Sentinel Air System is the cigarette smoke and environmental monitoring solution that does more for less. We understand your budget concerns and have factored that into the solutions.

• Energy savings data built-in
• Leasing or purchase options available

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