The Sentinel Air System monitoring solution is in development and beta testing with key hotel partners.
We are working to create the most advanced and user friendly environmental monitoring solution for hotels or facilities.

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Not a hotel, no problem. Our solution is perfect for any facility with cigarette smoke issues,
indoor air problems or just looking to save money.

Your Sentinel Air System will help you address cigarette smoking issues and identify cost savings areas while working to provide your guest with an ideal sleeping environment.

Solves Cigarette Issues

• Deter smokers.
• Save time & cleaning costs.
• Catch smoking in the act to limit damage and/or enforce smoking fee policies.

Energy & Cost Savings

• Track light, temperature & humidity levels to reduce unnecessary power consumption.

Optimized Environments

• Optimize occupant comfort.
• Keep your rooms odor free.
• Understand your CO2 levels for occupant health.

Positive PR & Social Media

• Show proactive IAQ effort
• Inform guests with in-room cards
• Share positive efforts with media

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